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Willow Koerber- proper assimilation of nutrients

"I am a professional mountain biker at the peak of my career. I am always looking for natural ways to perform and feel my best. I travel all over the world and my body is in constant need of care and repair.

Last fall my system completely shut down. I could not digest food and dealt with countless sleepless nights due to stomach pains. Additionally, I separated my ACL in an accident and was going through a painful breakup.

Through an evaluation by my acupuncturist, Ciel Walko, we found that I could not tolerate gluten. From that starting point, we began to rebuild my health. Energetix products became cornerstones of my intestinal repair. With the help of Spring Breeze and Restore Qi, my cycle has come into balance and my nerves are more at ease. Not only did my health improve, my results on the World Cup mountain bike circuit were spectacular. No longer was I struggling to recover after races.

I have been working with Ciel Walko for two years now, and I have never felt better. Not only do her treatments help my performance, her unique approach makes me feel like I just spent a day at the spa. I always look forward to making an appointment with Ciel whenever my travels take me home to Asheville."

-Willow Koerber,  champion mountain biker

Johnny A. pain -free

"Since shattering my leg a year and a half ago, I have been through two surgeries and suffered a great deal of pain. I have spent over $10,000 in physical therapy and numerous hours in rehabilitation. Out of desperation, I decided to try therapeutic massage and acupuncture. I would never have believed that after just a few sessions I would be pain free. I have a whole new respect for this type of treatment and recommend it to everyone."

-- Johnny A.

Susan D. energy, ADHD support

"After only ten days of being on the program prescribed by Ciel, I had a significant increase in energy. Our entire family now utilizes all of the services offered through Temple Guardian. Our child, who was diagnosed as ADHD, literally made a quantum leap in his behavior after being on a program for several months. I strongly recommend the bio-assessment to anyone who wants to learn more about their health needs."

–Susan D.

Ann-Marie G. improved mobility

"I have a condition diagnosed as Haglunds Deformity.  The condition was excruciating and caused me to walk with a limp.  The podiatrist advised that it was inoperable because of the low (2%) rate of success.  He prescribed the painkiller Celebrex.   I tried Ciel Walko for acupuncture as a last resort.  I’ve been surprised and elated with the excellent results.  After three treatments I had noticeable relief.  Each subsequent treatment achieved continued improvement.  Much of the swelling has gone.  I walk with out a limp.”

--Ann-Marie G.

Roxane B. - fertility

"I wanted to thank you, Ciel, for everything you did to assist with my fertility problem. I really appreciate the care and thoroughness you took in my situation. You have been wonderful to work with! As you know, my most recent in vitro fertilization attempt was successful and I am pregnant! This is the first time I achieved pregnancy in our long struggle to have a child. My husband and I are thrilled and so thankful for this wonderful blessing! We could never thank you enough for your help. I feel the acupuncture treatments strongly improved my physical and emotional being and allowed my body to accept this great event."

--Roxane B.

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