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Gerhild - Allergy Relief

When I moved to Asheville 8 years ago, I never had allergies. However, after 4 years here, I was hit hard. It became so bad that I had to be on two medications (Zyrtec and Flonase) for quite some time. Last October, I started NeuroLink for some other health issues on a regular basis. Not only did I make huge progress with these concerns but for the first time during this bad allergy season, I only need to take Zyrtec. I have to thank Ciel for it. Her interest in the newest research, her patience to unfold the layers of deep rooted health problems and her knowledge with NeuroLink helped me tremendously.  

Thank you, Ciel!

Gerhild S. Dickerman, MSW

Jim - Low Back Pain Relief with Neurolink /NIS

Thank you so much for your help in relieving my low back pain.  The Neurolink treatment you gave me was very powerful.  And, the pain relief was instantaneous!  The pain was there when I got on the table and gone when I got off the table!  Not to mention the increased sense of ‘well being’ that persists after your Neurolink sessions.



Paula - No More Acid Reflux!

I really can’t say enough about Ciel and how wonderful she is!  I have never been one to visit doctors and take prescriptions.  However, my health is important and Ciel has this great intuitive knowledge that goes along with the therapeutic practices she offers. 

With some supplements and especially the nutritional discoveries, I wiped away 10 years of acid reflux! 

The Neurolink/NIS has been the most wonderful experience of my life.  It is especially funny how the people around me are asking,  “what are you doing differently; you look great, you seem happier --on and on and on!”  So not only do I feel better and more “in-tune”,  it is noticed!  Her practice is so healing and she is not pushy or condescending.  She even giggles and laughs with me! 

This approach is what our traditional medical community doesn’t offer---Balance, control over one’s own well-being and affordability!  I just hope that one day “modern medicine” is THIS!!!!

Paula - Asheville

Arya- Neurolink/NIS Helps Closed Head Injury

I am a natural wellness practitioner and have experienced many natural healing therapies.   So for me to say that what Ciel Walko provides with her Neurolink therapy has made a life changing difference is saying a lot AND it is true!  
In 2009 I had a car accident during which I experienced a head trauma, going unconscious with 30 stitches in my head and facial fractures.   I have had 3 Neurolink therapy sessions and have marked results in my ability to concentrate and relief in the pain in my left side and even an improvement in my digestive system!  

I am so thankful to Ciel for sharing this gift!

-Arya Heath, Blowing Rock

Lori-Lyme Symptoms Relief with Neurolink- Asheville

After a tick bite over five years ago, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and co-infections, and lost my ability to read and write by about 80%. Since I was unable to tolerate antibiotics, my physician’s assistant recommended I try Neurolink. After six treatments my reading and writing ability returned to a more normal level. Regular Neurolink treatments with Ciel keep my brain and body functioning better.  Ciel also treats me with flowers essences, essential oils, and EFT, and I feel nurtured and healthier after each treatment. I highly recommended Ciel and Neurolink.
  —Lori Miller, former editor/publisher of the Whole Health News for 11 years.

Fertility Success with Neurolink/NIS

I hope other women have such great results, too. 

Neurolink significantly improved my fertility! My husband and I struggled with infertility for a year and a half before getting pregnant with our daughter. I started seeing Ciel for Neurolink just a few months after deciding to try for our second child. She detected issues in my body that were likely affecting my fertility and corrected them with Neurolink. The very next month, I got pregnant! I strongly believe that Neurolink is what enabled us to conceive so quickly this time. Thank you, Ciel! 

E.D., Asheville

LL- Neuropathy Relief

In 2009 I was diagnosed with neuropathy, a peripheral nerve disease that impairs my ability to walk. Allopathic medicine offered no cure only pain management. My doctor prescribed Neurontin, an old anti-seizure drug with numerous side effects. He said if I didn’t respond well to this drug there were a list of alternatives each with more side effects than the next. Shortly after my diagnosis Temple Guardian was having a free ten minute introduction to the MG-33 pulsed magnetic cellular exercise machine. After ten minutes the burning pain had subsided enough for me to walk without severe pain. I feel improvement over time by using the MG-33 machine on a weekly basis and have avoided all pain medications so far. I highly recommend this machine as an alternative choice to medications for pain. Thank you Temple Guardian and to the MG-33 for my improved condition.

LL Cliff - Asheville

Susan- bone and joint health

In Ciel I  have found a long sought partner in both mine and my family’s health care.  It’s true that she has extensive education, training and experience but she has something else that makes her so special.  She has an incredible passion for healing.  Ciel’s profound dedication to the well being of her clients is apparent.  You can see it in her impassioned, thorough and ongoing studying and research.  Ciel studied everything she could find about a hand condition that a doctor told me could only be treated surgically.  Ciel was determined to learn as much as possible and ferreted out a protocol that has not only halted the worsening of the condition, but has actually begun to reverse it.  She also identified that I had a calcium absorption problem and recommended a supplement that has effectively remedied the problem.  My husband and teenage son are now also working with Ciel and we three agree that having Ciel on our team is the best thing that’s ever happened to our family’s healh.

Susan - Asheville

Sarah- whole body health

I’ve used acupuncture for my primary care for almost 30 years.  Ciel Walko is the best acupuncturist I have ever worked with.  She is an incredibly skilled and effective professional.  Plus, an acupuncture treatment with Ciel has to be the best deal in town!  During my treatment, Ciel is 100% focused on caring for me.  She checks in with me, evaluates my pulses, etc. and strategically places needles. And she often also draws on her extensive training and experience with many other healing modalities.  During a typical session, Ciel might also do moxibustion on certain needles, she might do massage, laser or gentle electric stimulation on a specific area needing additional support, or she might rub specific healing oils on a particular area.  And having ever so accurately intuited my emotional state, she may spray a mist of specific appropriate oils above my head for me to breathe deeply into my lungs, she might lead me in a guided meditation and/or she might suggest one or two affirmations for me to focus on during treatment.  When I leave a session with Ciel, I feel like my whole being—mind, body and soul—has been cared for.

Sarah - Asheville

Leslie- menopause and digestion

Ciel rocks!  Honestly, she has helped me so much both with her direct care and by teaching me much about self care as well.  Since I started working with her, my acid reflux of about 20 years has vanished and my sleep has greatly improved.  Aches and pains I had thought I would have to endure have been fixed.  And nothing I had tried before had successfully addressed the many challenges of Menopause.  Ciel prescribed a combination of supplements and herbs that have virtually eliminated hot flashes and mood swings.  Raising two boys alone, the demands of my work and the wild ride of hormonal changes can create  major stress in my life.  I leave my time with Ciel feeling calm, centered, cared for and totally relaxed.  Ciel often reminds me that it is never too late to start feeling better.  And feeling better physically has made me feel better mentally.

Leslie - Asheville


Mara- pain, weight loss, energy

Ciel Walko is a wonderfully caring and professional practitioner.  She helped me with various treatments, such as acupuncture, ionic foot baths, deep tissue massage, and just the right supplements, some of them custom formulated for me (a 56 year old woman).  I got great results with my health goals, which were;  getting rid of my long term chronic pain, weight loss, more energy and that joie de vivre that I felt was missing.  She also has helped me with more personal aspects in my life with guided meditations, essential oils and just a whole lot of support with deeply compassionate understanding.   This, I think was probably as important as the hands on treatments, as it gave me a lot of confidence and clarity.  I can totally recommend Ciel.  Her way of healing is so heartfelt, she’s a very special person and I feel very fortunate to have her in my life.

Mara Washburn
Fletcher, NC

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